Opportunities for Consulting Firms

Valmarpro Forecasting, Inc. intends to maintain friendly relations with consulting firms which normally provide forecasts or estimates in the economic, financial, environmental, and other fields. The activities of Valmarpro Forecasting are complementary to, not necessarily competitive with, the activities of such firms. Opportunities for consulting firms include:
  • Forecasters: Consulting firms can provide, often on short notice, competent forecasters/estimators to the various forecasting or estimation projects which Valmarpro Forecasting may undertake.

  • Forecast Preliminaries: Consulting Firms can provide preliminary information-gathering and modeling activities. This is useful to avoid duplication of effort by several forecasters/estimators, so that forecasters/estimators can concentrate on providing their informed judgement.

  • Client Referrals: Some clients may prefer that final forecasts/estimates be provided by several independent experts working under an incentive-based scheme to motivate accuracy. Consulting firms which refer clients to Valmarpro Forecasting will be preferred over firms which do not.

  • Third-Party Bonding: Consulting firms may wish to provide third-party bonds on behalf of their own forecasters/estimators. Particularly ambitious firms may wish to provide third-party bonds on behalf of unaffiliated forecasters/estimators.

  • Confidential Advice: From time to time, Valmarpro Forecasting may request the advice of economic and statistical consultants on such subjects as appropriate loss functions, incentives, aggregation methods, procedures for detecting or preventing collusion, or other business- related topics.

Further Information:

For additional information, please send your brochure and/or your mailing address to ValMarPro Forecasting, Inc.

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