Opportunities for Promoters

Promoters Wanted:
Valmarpro Forecasting, Inc. seeks individuals or business firms to represent the business and to promote the sale and use of the VMP forecasting incentives method by potential business and governmental clients.

Commission Payment:
Promoters are independent contractors, not employees. Promoters will be paid on a commission or revenue-sharing basis, not a salary or fixed fee. Only individuals and firms which have signed contracts with Valmarpro Forecasting, Inc. to act as promoters may be active promoters.

Tips on Clients Also Sought:
Individuals, not otherwise on contract, who provide information or a recommendation which results in new business may be entitled to compensation as a passive promoter. The potential compensation of passive promoters is lower than that of active promoters. [See the Statement of Business Policy under Technical Papers for specific details.]

Promotional Territories:
In consultation with Valmarpro Forecasting, Inc., each promoter will choose a territory or territories within which to actively promote the services of Valmarpro Forecasting. Territories may be defined by a geographical region, a conceptual category, or a list of potential clients. The following is a list of possible conceptual categories:

Economic Forecasting
Labor Markets
Industry Trends

Business Forecasting

Financial Forecasting
New Ventures
Thinly Traded Stocks
Mutual Funds

Environmental Estimation
Physical Damage of Pollution
Cost/Value of Physical Damage
Quantities of Illegal Pollution

Weather/Climate Forecasting
Long-Term/Global Climate

National/Alliance Security
Military Threats
Weapons Capabilities

Political Forecasting
Military Coups
Democratic Elections

Legal Forecasting
Probability of Winning/Losing
Estimated Damages

Sports Forecasting

Other Categories--Use your imagination!

Further Information:
For additional information, please send your vita/resume and/or your mailing address to ValMarPro Forecasting, Inc.

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