Opportunities For Forecasters

Part-Time Work:
Valmarpro Forecasting, Inc. desires to procure a reserve pool of part-time forecasters and estimators on a variety of topics. Forecasters/estimators will be paid in accordance with the Lundgren method of forecasting incentives, which calculates the value marginal product (VMP) of individual forecasters.

Possible Fields:
The VMP forecasting incentives method is capable of eliciting unbiased forecasts or estimates for both observable and unobservable variables. Forecasts and estimates may be sought in any of the sciences, including economics, political science, engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, and interdisciplinary. Possible applications include prediction of future prices, quantities, and profits; estimation of environmental externalities; estimates of regulatory costs/benefits; business, financial, and mutual fund valuations, including prediction of means and variances; macroeconomics; and other specialties.

No Travel or Relocation:
These part-time opportunities do not require geographic relocation, do not require travel, and should be compatible with other full-time employment. Individuals and consulting firms with forecasting or estimating ability in any of the natural sciences, social sciences, business, or finance are encouraged to apply.

The minimum requirement is a college bachelors degree with some knowledge of college-level statistics. Some forecasting projects may require a masters or doctoral degree in specific fields. Forecasters will not be selected on the basis of such nonmerit grounds as nationality, race, color, gender, religion, political affiliation, marital status, sexual preference, age, or unrelated disability.

Complete Independence:
Forecasters are independent contractors, not employees. Any forecaster may refuse any forecasting task for any reason. As much as possible, forecasters will be selected for tasks with due regard for their expressed specialties, interests, and constraints. Forecasters may live anywhere, either inside or outside the United States.

Further Information:
Further details of a more technical nature can be found in many of the papers listed under Technical Papers. Comments, questions, and suggestions can be sent to ValMarPro Forecasting, Inc.

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